Rethinking Gobuntu [and Launchpad to Possibly Pick AGPLv3]

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| In the case of Launchpad, we do view you as a co-owner of the data, so
| the resolution of this problem is important to us. As you point out,
| there's no really clear best practice that works well and has been shown
| to be commercially sustainable. That's different to the GPL (even v3). I
| think the Affero GPL is a strong candidate for the front line of
| thinking on the subject, and that's what I am inclined to use when we
| publish Launchpad's source code.

Hardy Heron reflects Ubuntu Linux ambitions

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| Canonical plans to release Hardy Heron, its newest version of Ubuntu Linux on
| Thursday, and Chief Executive Mark Shuttleworth isn't being shy and retiring
| about it.
| "This is our most significant release ever," he said in an interview.


GPL Project Watch List for Week of 04/18

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| Now onto our recently added license the AGPL v3. Last week our database
| contained 55 AGPL v3 projects. This week we are at 68 AGPL v3 projects, which
| is an increase of just over 20%. This is a significant increase percentage
| wise, even though it is only a 13 project increase. However, our prediction
| is that the adoption rate will rise in number and decrease in percentage as
| the current amount in the database grows. * *

GPL author: Google must share code

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| Companies like Google that build their business on software such as
| Linux have a moral imperative to contribute back to the free
| software community, a prominent open source advocate said Tuesday.

Funambol Helps New AGPLv3 Open Source License Gain Formal OSI Approval

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| March 13, 2008 - Funambol, the leading provider of Mobile 2.0 messaging
| software powered by open source, today announced that the AGPLv3 has received
| formal approval by the Open Source Initiative (OSI). Funambol led the process
| of the license's approval by the OSI after adopting AGPLv3 in November. It
| was the first company to adopt the license, which closes the "ASP loophole".