OSA Announces Results of Board of Director Elections

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| The Open Solutions Alliance, a nonprofit, vendor-neutral consortium dedicated
| to driving interoperability and adoption of comprehensive open products, has
| held its first annual board of director elections.


Debian Weekly News - April 21st, 2008

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| Welcome to the first issue of the Debian Project News, the newsletter for the
| Debian community! From now on we'll keep you informed about recent events and
| interesting developments in and around the Debian Community on a biweekly
| basis. But we could still use some help, so feel free to take a look at our
| wiki.


I've been using Debian Lenny a lot -- and it works.

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| I'm always using a mix of machines and OSes for my work, but until this week,
| my main "home" machine -- The $0 Laptop (Gateway Solo 1450) -- has been
| mostly used at home for a bit of Web browsing, testing Linux distributions,
| and my daughter's favorite educational games (gCompris, Childsplay, TuxPaint,
| Potato Guy).



19 new Debian Developers! \o/

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| I am very happy that 19 contributors who were waiting for their accounts,
| sometimes for a very long time, became Debian Developers today. This is great
| news for them, and for the project as a whole. *



inistry of Education from Brazil is buying 90,000 Debian GNU Linux computers

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| All computers will be installed at 9000 brazilian schools.


Inside Second Life's Data Centers

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| Second Life runs on 2,000 Intel and AMD servers in two co-location
| facilities in San Francisco and Dallas. The company has a commitment
| to open source, with servers running Debian Linux and the MySQL
| database. Linden Lab chose Debian Linux because the software is
| suited to scaling massively with a small IT staff, said Linden
| Lab CTO Cory Ondrejka.


Second Life Swapping Engines At 40,000 Feet

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| In order increase the capacity of the system from 100,000 concurrent
| users to tens of millions concurrent users, the company is looking
| to increase the number of servers to 10,000 while making sure the
| software remains responsive to all users. Joe Miller, VP of platform
| and technology development for Linden Lab, likens this operation to
| swapping engines at 40,000 feet.