ReviewLinux.Com: Take a Ride on Mandriva 2008 RC2 Express

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| We decide to take a fast ride on Mandriva 2008 RC2. We looked at the KDE
| version of this Linux distribution that was released on September 21 2007.
| Screenshots of KDE plus flash videos of both the KDE desktop as well as the


Metisse is not a 3D desktop

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| For some time now, I've been working with members of In Situ
| team to integrate their Metisse software in Mandriva Linux and
| it is really exciting. Mandriva will announce very soon (today or
| tomorrow) Metisse will be part of Mandriva Spring 2007 and is
| also available as a Live CD based on Mandriva 2007.0 and GNOME
| (yay) right now so everybody can try Metisse right now and
| report bugs.

Thoughts on Mandriva's Future

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| Mandriva 2007 may be the best distribution I have used. XGL/AIGLX
| worked for me right out of the box. My windows wobbled, things were
| transparent and I got to spin the cube. The updated look of Mandriva
| One is fresh. I was able to install anything I needed.