eeePC Video With Compiz-Fusion

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| Last time when I left you I still had to figure out how to get my video
| working on the eeePC when with either the Metisse or Compiz-Fusion activated
| in the Mandriva 2008.1 operating system. I am glad to say that after a bid
| of searching I figure it out thanks to the Compiz-Fusion forum and google. I
| should really say that I got it working with Compiz-Fusion not Metisse yet.
| After using it for a little while I turned of the 3D effects because it was
| slowing down the eeePC. I’ll only use it to impress friends, family and
| people that I`ll try to convert to GNU/Linux from Windows.
| I’ll never go back to Windows in its present form. Next Month will mark two
| full years with a GNU/Linux operating system as my personal choice.


Tokamak Sprint Turns Plasma Upside-Down

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| Tokamak, the first International meeting of Plasma was held in Milano in
| northern Italy over the last weekend. 14 people joined the fun and spent some
| days hacking on the KDE 4 desktop shell. For the most part, it was like
| meeting friends, only that some had never met each other in person before.


Compiz is Cool – and Why That Matters

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| One of the most vexed questions within the open source world is when, if
| ever, GNU/Linux will take off on the desktop. Strangely, this isn't really
| about capabilities: as someone who has Ubuntu running on both of his main
| systems, I can attest to the fact that GNU/Linux is not just usable, it's a
| downright pleasure to use. In fact, I constantly marvel at how transparent
| open source has become: most of the time I'm simply not aware that I'm using
| it – it just works. * * *
| This raises the interesting question: so what's missing? What more does open
| source need to do in order to capture the attention of the general user? I *
| think the answer can be found on this YouTube video. *

New Cylinder Effect For Compiz Fusion

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| Another new compiz fusion effect is being developed called cylinder it looks
| like the famouse cube plugin for compiz fusion except for the fact that
| instead of a cube to switch workspaces with compiz fusion you are rotating
| around a cylinder! *


Compiz is the Most Important Thing to Ever Happen to Linux.

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| If the Linux community wants to wipe Windows and Mac out of the OS business
| all they need to do in focus all of their collective efforts on developing
| Compiz. With the combine intelligence of hundreds of thousands of nerds we
| could develop the most pimped out windows management system known to mankind.
| The kids don’t want stability, they want an OS w/ rims that spin. * *