Red Hat Prepping Managed Services Strategy

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| The convergence of open source with managed services and software as a
| service (SaaS) continues. The latest example: Red Hat, arguably the world’s
| best-known open source company, has created two staff positions to serve
| hosting partners. Plus, Red Hat is evaluating a strategy to work more closely
| with managed service providers, MSPmentor has learned. Here’s the scoop.
`---- Salesforce Moves into the Platform Business

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| If you imagine the "Platform as a Service" (PaaS) landscape as a spectrum,
| you have offerings like Amazon's EC2 at one end. EC2 is essentially a
| VM-based technology with some scalability infrastructure, but you have to
| roll everything else yourself, from persistence to failover. In the middle,
| you have products like Google's App Engine, which allow you to deploy an
| application with many of the underlying nuts-and-bolts concerns handled by
| Google, but is still essentially a deployment environment that you hand-code
| Python with.


Amazon keeps getting the Cloud right while everyone else snoozes

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| The cloud has become one of the most interesting market dynamics since open
| source.


Red Hat, Amazon deliver Linux on demand

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| Red Hat made its Enterprise Linux OS available on demand Wednesday by
| releasing it for the Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) service that hosts
| business applications. The move is part of Red Hat's so-called "automation"
| strategy, which aims to deliver a Linux and open-source infrastructure for
| simplifying how applications run and are managed. * *

(Amazon's Open Source Strategy)
LIVE BLOG: MIT Emerging Tech (Morning)

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| In short, has launched several services
| that allow small companies to leverage the powerful
| tools of a big company such as For instance,
| Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), creates a virtual
| Web-based Linux server that a small company can rent
| at 10 cents per CPU hour... *Bezos also described a
| fulfillment center service that the company offers,
| wherein a company can request both warehouse space
| and order fulfillment services for their own products.
| Amazon is literally offering distribution to their
| competitors!
| It is, in short, open source business strategy.

Firefox Extension for Amazon EC2 - an EC2 for the rest of us? *

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| The Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a Web-based service that
| allows business subscribers to run application programs in the
| computing environment. The EC2 can serve as a practically unlimited set of
| virtual machines. *

Is Red Hat's New Development Environment Destined for an Amazon or IBM Cloud?

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| So who will be the one to move their tools environment to the Amazon cloud
| first? Perhaps Amazon will offer several tools options, such as one for web
| apps and mashups, and another (or two) for Java development? You know you
| want to, Jeff. *

Linux in more than 90% of top supercomputers

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| Other operating systems, such as AIX (4.8%), Solaris (0.4%) and Mac OS X
| (0.4%) make the list, but Linux is alone at the top, where it is used in 459
| systems or 91.8% of the top supercomputer systems. *
`---- Launches Wireless Reader

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| The Linux-based device weighs 10.3 ounces, can store 200 titles on its 250 MB
| of onboard flash memory, and its battery can hold a charge for two days with
| the wireless feature on and seven days with it off, Amazon said. The reader
| is made by a Chinese OEM and can be purchased on for $399. *

Kindle sold out

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| There is no telling if this is a consequence of consumer demand exceeding
| Amazon's forecasts as to how many people would want this thing, or if Amazon
| is taking a page out of Nintendo's book and creating a little product
| scarcity to drum up business. All I know is I got mine in the mail today, and
| I'm already in love. * *
| Flop? I think not.

Open Source Communications and SIP Come to

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| If you have any doubt about the future of open source
| communications, consider it shattered: will soon be
| deploying 5,000 phones connected to the Pingtel ECS platform
| running on Linux.
| The question is why would Amazon switch out their existing PBX, and
| the answer is that the leading e-commerce site already runs about
| 20,000 Red Hat Linux servers?so they are what you might call "comfortable"
| with Linux to begin with. This install will add three more Linux
| servers to the mix.

rPath Provides On-Ramp to Amazon Grid Services

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| Significantly, rPath does not use Red Hat Linux for its
| virtualization onramp. "Red Hat Linux is monolithic. One size
| fits all," said Marshall. Instead, rPath lets customers (who are
| ISVs and therefore presumably know a thing or two about how
| their products use OS features) pick and choose the pieces
| that are embedded into their offerings.

ElasticDrive Beta 0.1.6 - Amazon S3 FileSystem

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| Enomaly Inc has announced the release of ElasticDrive. ElasticDrive is a
| network block device based upon the Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service).
| ElasticDrive provides a caching block device driver which pushes blocks to
| and from S3 as if they were being written to a local block device. *
| [...]
| ElasticDrive provides this service through a virtual NBD service. The NBD
| service translates from standard NBD to S3 packets transparently, so that the
| client (the kernel) sees a generic block device. NBD is supported on almost
| every linux kernel (including EC2). Simply modprobe nbd, and you are ready to
| use ElasticDrive. * *