Linux Users Will Rescue the Desktop...Geek Please.

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| Linux Users will rescue the Desktop. We don't need corporate help.
| Let me take this ice cold bucket of water and welcome those who believe this
| to the real world. Take a deep breath, because I'm about to splash you
| abruptly back into the cold, harsh light of reality.

Ask RedMonk: Open Source Indemnification - the Q&A

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| While it remains possible - at least as long as Ballmer is at the helm - that
| Microsoft could pursue litigation against customers, I think highly unlikely.
| For a brand that relies highly on rank and file recognition and adoption,
| pursuing an RIAA-style course of action that includes legal action against
| its direct customers would be the worst kind of brand suicide. So while
| Ballmer might hint at such actions in attempt to disincent usage and adoption
| of the technologies, it’s unlikely that it would go further than that. If not
| because of the PR implications, then because of the mutually assured
| destruction scenarios that would likely result in retaliatory lawsuits from
| competitive vendors with patent portfolios of their own.


The Biggest Blunder: Or why Red Hat and Novell just left the door wide open to

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| In recent announcements both Red Hat and Novell made it pretty clear that
| their foray onto the desktop would be delayed quite a bit longer. What they
| do not know is that they just left the door wide open for Ubuntu to conquer
| the desktop and the server space. *