Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> "Five months ago from today, Unreal Tournament 3 for the PC was released
> in North America. Linux gamers around the world, however, were let down
> with the lack of an available Linux client and all UT3 gamers were
> impacted by the lack of any Linux server for this game. The UT3 Linux
> server had finally shipped a month later, but now 152 days since the
> release a Linux client for this first person shooter is still missing with
> no sign of it even coming.

I'm thinking who needs it?

Things like Nexuiz on Linux and with with highest frame rate highest
resolution gaming available only on Linux, Linux owns the high end
gaming technology. Games developers can take their best games to PCs
with LiveDVDs and capture every gaming market segment if they wanted to
with micoshaftees helping them on their way with their PISTA and their
behind the scense anti-interoperability subversive tactics helping
make customers make the move towards a Linux gaming world.