Kernel log: Linux released, motion compensation in Intel graphics

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| With Linux version, the administrators of the kernel's Stable Series
| have released the fourth update of Linux kernel 2.6.24, which was released at
| the end of January.

Can you do /this/ with Windows?

One of the coolest Flickr applications to date

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| For Linux users, there's an answer in the form of Flickrfs, a virtual
| filesystem which mounts on your Linux machine like any other partition.
| Developed by Manish Rai Jain, Flickrfs is based upon the FUSE kernel module
| and allows you to upload, download and organise your Flickr images as if they
| were local files.

Let's wait and see how Microsoft ruins that one if it buys Yahoo!


Flickr Introduces Code.Flickr, Delivers APIs and Source Code

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| The announcement is part of an effort from Flickr in which it has been
| opening up over 10,000 lines of open source code in its public subversion
| repository, issued over 2,000 new API keys, and more. *


Flickr upload tool turns 3.0, goes open-source

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| Open-source software may be freely modified, copied, and shared; opening
| source code could let programmers modify the Uploadr tool so it works on
| Linux or uploads to other photo-sharing sites, for example. *

The Linux way to Flickr

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| Flickr contains more than 15,000 pictures tagged with "Linux." Flickr
| can help introduce Free Software to non-geeks in a fun andn
| on-intimidating way ("See Mom? We're just like everybody else!").
| Many Flickr users have already done just that, showing off their
| FOSS-related talents in many fields.