Nearly 20% of Mid- and High-End Mobile Devices Will Run a Linux Operating
System by 2013, According to ABI Research

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| Linux, which has been much maligned by Symbian and Microsoft as a non-starter
| in the handset operating system market, is set to see strong growth as issues
| with framework fragmentation and silicon requirements are alleviated. The
| growing momentum behind the LiMo Foundation initiative, as well as the
| marketing boost that has been realized from the entry of Google’s Android
| solution has been further enhanced by Nokia’s support of the Maemo solution
| and its purchase of Trolltech. ABI Research believes that by 2013, nearly one
| out of every five mid- or high-end mobile devices will use a Linux operating
| system.


Linux Market to Triple by 2012

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| Analyst firm Research and Markets has just put out a project on Linux-based
| server and client hardware sales, and is projecting that the market will more
| than triple between 2007 and 2012.
| A market for a platform is not the same as an ecosystem for it, which is much
| larger in that it includes the cost of people and third-party software and
| services for the code that runs atop the platform. So the R&M Linux market
| numbers might seem a little small. In any event, the consultancy pegged the
| Linux product and services market for Linux running on servers and clients
| (but not embedded systems) at $2.4 billion in 2007.


Research and Markets: Symbian and Linux Enjoy the Highest Penetration in the
Japanese Smartphone Market

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| Symbian and Linux enjoy the highest penetration in the Japanese smartphone
| market and appear to be the beneficiaries in any expansion of smartphone use
| there.

Is Google Android the Next Windows?

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| On the flip side, Good Android (here’s a video demo) is a cross-platform
| software environment that multiple hardware vendors and service providers are
| expected to embrace. Although Android isn’t fully baked, Google is
| aggressively promoting the operating environment to third party developers.
| The idea is to get developers on board early, so that tons of Android
| applications are ready when Android-compatible devices finally debut. * *
| [...]
| Eventually, The VAR Guy suspects, Android devices will easily leapfrog
| iPhone’s market share. But that’s not a terrible thing for Apple. Although
| Apple nearly died on the desktop, Apple’s more recent innovations prove that
| you can thrive even when you hold less than 10 percent of a technology
| market. * *