Ubuntu Linux takes on enterprise server market with new OS

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| Technically, this isn't Ubuntu's first server release -- that one came two
| and a half years ago -- but this is the first one that is truly
| enterprise-ready, with a full specification sheet of features needed in
| complex business IT shops, including support for virtualization, enhanced
| performance and certification on an assortment of hardware from Sun
| Microsystems Inc.


Plat’Home Introduces ''Tough Love,'' Small, Low-Cost Linux Server for Zero
Maintenance Use

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| Japan’s Linux technology pioneer, today announced its OpenMicroServerTM, a
| small, tough, easy-to-use, easy-to-configure solution for growing companies,
| is available to North American customers. Plat’Home’s OpenMicroServer has
| been built and tested to provide high reliability for customers who do not
| have much extra room, and are likely to largely ignore the machine for weeks
| and months after initial installation.



Japan's Plat'Home launching palm-sized Linux server in U.S.

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| Part of the first ecology-friendly line of Linux servers ever shipped in the
| United States, Plat'Home's OpenBlockS server has been built and tested to
| provide enterprise-grade reliability in its RISC-based hardware, and has
| eliminated moving parts including a hard disk drive and cooling fan. It is
| also RoHS-certified, a European Union directive meaning that it's free of
| lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and other damaging materials. * * *


Open source: Made in Japan?

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| I talked with Jesse Casman and Craig Oda of PageOne PR upon their return from
| Japan and got a very different picture on the Japanese open-source market.
| There's Takashi Iwai, for example, currently one of the top-10 contributors
| to the Linux kernel. And then there's Yukihiro ("Matz") Matsumoto, the chief
| designer of the Ruby programming language, of course. There's Plat'Home, the
| company that introduced Linux in Japan in 1993 (yes, 1993!), did a successful
| IPO in Japan in 2000, and currently ships microservers based on their own mix
| of Linux and BSD that fit in the palm of your hand. There's Turbolinux and
| Miracle Linux, as well. * * * *



Google ties up with Japan's DoCoMo to grow abroad

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| The two firms, which also plan to launch a Linux-based mobile handset in
| Japan, aim to reap joint advertising revenues of 10 billion yen "as soon as
| possible," they said, without disclosing how they plan to split revenues. *


Research and Markets: Symbian and Linux Enjoy the Highest Penetration in the
Japanese Smartphone Market

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| Symbian and Linux enjoy the highest penetration in the Japanese smartphone
| market and appear to be the beneficiaries in any expansion of smartphone use
| there. *


PCs being pushed aside in Japan

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| The PC's role in Japanese homes is diminishing, as its once-awesome monopoly
| on processing power is encroached by gadgets such as smart phones that act
| like pocket-size computers, advanced Internet-connected game consoles,
| digital video recorders with terabytes of memory. *


Will Access become DoCoMo's Linux platform?

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| So will Access become DoCoMo's Linux platform? We believe that although this
| collaboration is in its early stages there is a good chance that DoCoMo will
| adopt ALP because it solves a number of key issues currently burdening DoCoMo
| and its handset suppliers using a vendor that it has had a successful
| relationship with. * * *


NTT DoCoMo ramps up the Linux mobile platform battle

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| There are at least three contenders jostling for a share of the growing
| market for Linux-based mobile device platforms. Now giant Japanese cellular
| operator, NTT DoCoMo, is throwing its weight behind a fourth. *


Linux phone stack vendor wins big in Japan

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| The deal could see the Access Linux Platform (ALP) serving as a common OS
| platform for NEC, Panasonic, and Esteemo phones sold by NTT DoCoMo and other
| mobile carriers. *


Japanese Government to Embrace Linux

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| Oracle Japan is said to be leading the effort, which could launch
| as early as next month.


Oracle, IBM, NEC to market Linux in Japan: Nikkei

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| Major information technology firms, including Oracle Corp., IBM Corp. and
| NEC Corp., will set up a consortium to sell servers and systems running
| the Linux operating system in Japan, a financial daily said on
| Thursday.


Schools across Japan may switch to Linux

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| Japan's public broadcaster NHK reported late last week that the
| Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry plans to introduce
| the open-source operating system Linux for use within classrooms
| across the country in the near future.


Microsoft foresees more suits in Japan

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| A legal battle between Microsoft and Japanese anti-monopoly authorities
| is likely to conclude next year and might lead to lawsuits or other
| patent infringement complaints against the U.S. software company,
| an executive said Thursday.
| [...]
| Microsoft has been slapped with hefty fines by European Union regulators,
| who have said Microsoft broke competition laws and abused its dominant
| market position.


OpenLogic Extends Reach in Japan with Ashisuto Strategic Partnership

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| Under the agreement, OpenLogic will provide support to Ashisuto
| customers for hundreds of open source packages.


BakBone Leads Linux Data Protection Software Market in Japan for Fifth
Consecutive Year

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| Between 2005 and 2006 BakBone grew its Linux data protection market share
| from 70.6% to 73.2% as outlined in the report "Japan Storage Software
| 2007-2011 Forecast and 2006 Vendor Shares." *
| [...]
| According to IDC data, the Linux data protection software market in Japan is
| driven by BakBone, which continues to maintain high growth at approximately
| 20% per year. *


MySQL K.K. to Strengthen its Presence in the Japanese Database Market

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| MySQL K.K., the Japanese arm of the open source database developer MySQL AB,
| has announced three new initiatives aimed at strengthening its expansion in
| the Japanese market. *

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Government of Japan Embraces Open Software Standards

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| The OpenDocument Format Alliance (ODF Alliance), the leading organization
| advocating for openness and accessibility to government documents and
| information, today congratulated Japan for adopting a policy under which
| government ministries and agencies will solicit bids from software vendors
| whose products support internationally recognized open standards. * *


Linux hot at top Japanese embedded conference

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| Japan's largest embedded conference of the year reportedly
| featured a growing number of Linux-related demonstrations,
| compared to previous years.