Word documents generated by today's version of Microsoft Office 2007
do not conform to the Office Open XML standard under development by
the International Organization for Standardization, according to tests
run by a document standards specialist.


Here's what PJ says:

Color me surprised. Say, France, you might want to slow down adding
this "standard" to your list until it actually works. All you folks
who voted for it need to tell us why you accepted it before it was
done. Because what this means is that OOXML was just approved as an
ISO standard, on the allegation that it was necessary for
interoperability with Microsoft documents, and it turns out it doesn't
even do that. It also means no one can interoperate successfully with
Microsoft Office 2007 except Microsoft. Neato. Back to Go. Do not
collect $200. Isn't the Fast Track supposed to be for already
*implemented* standards?

I know. After ISO was captured by Microsoft, nobody cares about rules
any more. Brown hopes Microsoft will be a good doobie and fix this.