Well, I refused to be defeated, after failing twice to get Foresight
installed. I burned a second DVD, different make this time, and on my
laptop, just to make doubly sure, and had another go.

Had to use text install because attempts to use the GUI installer reported
my monitor out of range, but it was quite straight-forward after that.
Quite a long install, though, and it wasn't finished by two o'clock, so I
left it to complete while I slept, and got up this morning to find it
sitting waiting for me to reboot and finish off, which I did.

It's not the fastest desktop in the world, but then, the FrankenPC ain't
exactly the fastest PC in the world, either :-) Default theme is bright
spring green, which looks better than it sounds. There's a nice
Foresight Help app in the menu; unfortunately, the most useful part of it,
for me at least, how to use the Coronary package manager, seems to have
gone AWOL. But that's the only downer so far. It'll be guesswork or google
for package management, then! Hopefully a trip to the Foresight Linux
homepage with solve the problem.

Still, I don't want to sound too negative, as it's a nice distro
otherwise, and will make a change from Ubuntu.