DoCoMo to Develop Operator Pack for FOMA Handsets

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| NTT DoCoMo, Inc. today announced that it will develop an operator pack for
| FOMA(TM)3G handsets compatible with specifications established by the LiMo
| Foundation(TM).


LiMo Foundation ready with mobile Linux OS

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| Google's Android may get all the attention, but there's more than one
| industry consortium working to unify Linux development for mobile phones.

LiMo Foundation Unleashes Mobile Platform


Why major mobile handset makers are riding with LiMo

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| The LiMo Foundation was formed on January 2007 as a consortium of mobile
| industry companies joining together to create for handsets an open and
| standardized software platform based on Linux. Their goal is to deliver an
| open handset format that will become more widely accepted and used over
| closed, proprietary platforms. The foundation's major founders include
| Motorola, NEC, NTT DoCoMo, Panasonic Mobile Communications, Samsung
| Electronics and Vodafone. These companies and other members share leadership
| and decision making. * * *

LiMo Foundation aims to put Linux in your handset

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| Purple Labs has joined the LiMo Foundation. Unless you're really in the know,
| you'll probably look at this announcement the same way I did. I said, "Who is
| Purple Labs, and what is the LiMo Foundation?" But more importantly, "Why is
| this important to me?" *
| [...]
| Good technologies tend to eventually find their way into mainstream devices,
| regardless of whether they're adopted by an industry group. I suspect the
| same will be true for Linux, if it's not already true. *

World's mobile phone industry gathers in Barcelona

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| "A lot of Internet players and media companies see in the mobile phone a way
| of accessing emerging markets where there are only a few computers and where
| the population has not heard of Facebook or Google," analyst Vincent Poulbere
| from consultancy Ovum told AFP before the event opened. *

More heavyweights join mobile Linux group

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| Orange and Access have become the latest significant companies to join the
| LiMo Foundation, a consortium aimed at promoting mobile Linux.

MWC - Razr, others designated LiMo Linux phones

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| The LiMo Foundation plans to announce 18 phones based on its platform,
| including some that are already on the market, on Monday at the Mobile World
| Congress in Barcelona. *

Orange Joins LiMo Foundation to Mobilise Linux Industry

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| Orange today announced its entrance to the LiMo Foundation, a landmark move
| that marks a new era for mobile Linux, fostering unprecedented industry
| collaboration and a new future of exciting mobile services for customers. *

LiMo Gains Steam as Mobile Linux of Choice

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| Several more members of the mobile Linux LiPS Forum are switching allegiance
| to the LiMo Foundation, this time including board and executive committee
| members, indicating that LiPS is losing steam. Orange and its parent France
| Telecom, Access and Open-Plug all plan to announce at the Mobile World
| Congress in Barcelona on Monday that they are joining LiMo. * *

LG, Samsung bet on new mobile Linux platform

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| The world's second largest cellphone maker Samsung, which has used Linux in
| its phones in 2006, launched new SGH-i800 phone model running on LiMo
| software at the Mobile World Congress trade show, while LG Electronics showed
| a prototype phone LG LiMo. *

LiMo's Linux phone platform nears launch

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| On Monday, the Foundation will publish a beta version of the software's APIs
| (application programming interfaces) so that developers can begin writing
| applications to run on it. *

Azingo Launches Azingo Mobile, Industry's First Mobile Linux Platform Based on
LiMo Foundation Software

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| Mobile Linux company Azingo, formerly Celunite, today announced Azingo
| Mobile, a comprehensive suite of open mobile software and services designed
| to help companies deliver web 2.0 applications, music, video, vivid graphics
| and more to a wide range of mobile phones *

LiMo Foundation Selects Azingo as Core Technology Provider for Its . Common
Integration Environment

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| Common Integration Environment 07/01/2008 18:13:00 Business Wire Azingo,
| formerly Celunite, developer of a next-generation mobile software platform
| based on Linux and other open source innovations, announced today at CES that
| its technology has been selected by the LiMo Foundation as core components of
| its Common Integration Environment (CIE). * *

LiMo: New members added; First release on deck; Is the future about mobile

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| LiMo will announce Monday that Acrodea, ETRI, Huawei, Purple Labs and
| Trolltech are joining the consortium, which launched a year ago with founding
| members Motorola, NEC, NTT DoCoMo, Panasonic, Samsung and Vodafone. *

Mobile Linux Group Gains New Associate Member

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| Purple Labs, a supplier of embedded Linux solutions for mobile phones, has
| announced that it has joined the LiMo Foundation, which is developing a Linux
| based software platform for mobile phones. In joining the LiMo Foundation as
| an Associate member, Purple Labs becomes the first commercial Linux platform
| for feature phones in the consortium. * *

Celunite joins LiMo Foundation

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| Celunite, developer of a next-generation mobile software platform based on
| Linux and other open source innovations, announced it has become the first
| mobile phone operating system provider to join the LiMo Foundation, an
| independent, not-for-profit entity that strives to increase the adoption of
| Linux within the mobile industry. * *

Symbian senior VP defects to mobile Linux

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| The LiMo (Linux Mobile) Foundation, an industry group building a common
| software stack for Linux-based mobile phones, today announced a dozen new
| members. The organization also disclosed that rival Symbian's longtime Senior
| VP of Sales and Professional Services, Morgan Gillis, will soon become its
| Executive Director. * *

LiMo Foundation Announces Membership Surge

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| World’s first global mobile Linux initiative announces rapid early expansion
| of membership as powerful ecosystem begins to take shape

Wind River Joins LiMo Foundation, Reinforces Commitment to Reduce Complexity of
Linux for Mobile Handsets

Broadcom Joins the LiMo Foundation as a Leading Semiconductor Provider for
Mobile Linux(R) Solutions

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| Broadcom Corporation, a global leader in semiconductors for wired and
| wireless communications, today announced that it has joined the LiMo
| Foundation as one of its first semiconductor suppliers. *