Doin' It For The Noob - Takin' It From The Top

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| That folks, concludes our mini series on "Doin' It For The Noob." As I am not
| the Omni-Smart Advocate, there are probably many things I may have
| overlooked...but again, that's why I write. I don't do this because I think
| you need to know what I think.

Why are Windows and OS X delivered in the very same state to programmers and
9-year-old kids? Can anyone justify this at all?


Indian schools to use homebrew Debian distro

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| IT@School GNU/Linux is a customized, single-CD distribution that includes
| the applications typically required by a high school student or teacher,
| according to the project. Apart from a wide range of typical desktop
| software, it also contains educational programs such as TuxPaint,
| Ghemical, Kalzium, DrGeo, and Gcompris, school spokesperson Vimal Joseph
| told

Hands on: Change your PC's graphical look

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| There is no doubt that you get a lot of choice with Linux. This follows
| through to the desktop environment.
| While in OS X and Windows you are stuck with whatever Apple or Microsoft
| gives you, with Linux you can choose your desktop environment.
| The two main options are KDE and Gnome, both mature and complete desktops. In
| the past KDE has proved more popular, offering many more advanced features
| and a big selection of powerful applications. Â*
| However, while the developers have been concentrating on the upcoming KDE4
| for some time, the Gnome developers haven’t been idle. Gnome follows a
| six-month release cycle, each version adding extra features, better
| performance and more polish. Â*
`---- CEO: Customization is king

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| Marc Benioff argues that Apex will let customers diverge further
| from one-size-fits-all hosted applications approach.

Customized spins of Fedora

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| When Fedora 7 was released, one of the big features that we talked about was
| the idea of customized spins of the distribution.
| Now that Fedora 8 is on the way, it’s useful to look and see how we have
| done, and what sort of custom spins have been created.

Build a Fedora Live CD

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| Learn how to build your own custom and easy-to-use Live CDs using a
| rewrite of Pilgrim, the Fedora Live CD creation tool.