Open source finds open arms

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| Last year, CNN hailed Oregon's leadership in open source and proclaimed
| Portland "the unlikely capital of a global software revolution."

MySQL to remain as open source

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| Marten Mickos, former CEO at MySQL and now senior vice president of Sun's
| database group, explained that the company has developed high-end add-ons
| such as encryption, native storage engine-specific drivers, that they will
| deliver to Enterprise customers only. Mickos stated, "MySQL isn't going
| closed source."


The end of the proprietary database?

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| While Packer does not believe that proprietary databases are doomed, he does
| see the writing on the wall in emerging markets and that the increased use of
| open source will eventually surround proprietary databases in established
| markets. Unless the proprietary suppliers respond they risk losing business
| in the long-term. * *

Are Open-Source Databases Ready for Production Applications?

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| Yes, more and more, depending on the application.
| Oracle became the leading database in the 1990s because it ran better on
| high-end SMP Unix servers. But in those days most applications were still
| just dumb terminals talking to the big Unix box. So the database software had
| to be very sophisticated to perform well. * *

PostgreSQL publishes first real benchmark

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| This publication shows that a properly tuned PostgreSQL is not only as
| fast or faster than MySQL, but almost as fast as Oracle (since the
| hardware platforms are different, it's hard to compare directly).
| This is something we've been saying for the last 2 years, and now we
| can prove it.
| [...]
| I'll continue this later this week with a discussion of what SpecJAppserver
| is, what it measures, and how the Spec organization is warming up to open
| source. *
| Regardless, this is a good day for PostgreSQL and open source.