Why use KDE?

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| You will hardly find any user guide or handbook about KParts, because it
| isn’t a separate visible application. The magic of KParts happens behind the
| scenes. KParts is KDE’s component framework (for you techies out there, it is
| somewhat similar to GNOME’s Bonobo and Microsoft’s OLE). What this basically
| means is that parts (components ) of one application can be embedded in
| another application to take advantage of its features, without reinventing
| the wheel. No, you don’t put the whole application inside another
| application. You only put a part of the application, usually the core part
| which has the basic functionalities and features of that application. So what
| does this mean for the user? Lots!


The Applets of KDE - Part 2

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| Welcome to part 2 of our series on the Applets of KDE. So let's continue to
| look at what's available in KDE.



Windows Developers Meet in Berlin

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| The hackers goal is to integrate all tools into a complete solution to build
| and distribute KDE on Windows, thus obsoleting the fairly complex build
| description on KDE TechBase.


[KDE 4] Plasma backgrounds

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| Whenever the topics of background wallpapers for plasma comes up, 99% of the
| time first question is: can they be animated? Animated backgrounds would be
| cool, but the consistency with which people ask that is pretty impressive. So
| before I continue on let me just get that question out of the way: *
| Yes, background wallpapers can be animated.