Firefox 3 Secures Extensions

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| In terms of add-on extension security, Firefox 3 Alpha 8 is specifically
| targeting the updating of add-ons to make that process more secure.

Since these are not binaries, there's room for more security checks.


Firefox 3 To Support Offline Apps

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| Robert O'Callahan from Mozilla, who is based in NZ but drives the
| rendering engine of Mozilla/FireFox, spoke about how Firefox 3 will
| deliver support for offline applications.

Google Gears no slam-dunk for Mozilla's Firefox

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| Mozilla Corp. is gung-ho on support for offline applications, but it's
| not committed to using the just-announced Google Gears technologies in
| the next Firefox, an executive of the open-source developer said
| Friday.
`---- 2.3.0 Quietly Released

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| The official release of 2.3.0 is scheduled for Monday,
| September 17, but it is available already.