"Clonezilla live (testing) 1.0.11-5 released"


New version of Slax as well (6.0.6):


SymphonyOne 2008.1 Free Download Now Available

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| We are pleased to announce that our donate to download experiment was a great
| sucess overall though we have learned to have a more robust infrastructure in
| place for the next release.


Days ago:

SymphonyOne 2008.1 Released

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| The SymphonyOS Project is pleased to announce the release of SymphonyOne
| 2008.1, our first major release in almost a year. SymphonyOne is an almost
| 100% rewrite of all the Mezzo desktop code taking advantage of more features
| of fvwm to provide a smaller footprint and more stable environment. Based on
| Ubuntu 7.10, SymphonyOne provides a complete desktop environment and full
| Ubuntu compatibility on systems with as little as a 200mhz processor