Open mobile OS efforts abound

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| At least three industry consortia are attempting to ease development efforts
| for mobile application builders with Linux-based, open mobile operating
| system development initiatives. These efforts carry noble and productive
| intentions. But if there are multiple ones, leaving one "open" platform to
| differ from the next, will we be back to where we started?
| [...]
| Now, throw the recently announced Apple iPhone developer program and SDK into
| the mix. This initiative could be considered open from the perspective that
| nearly anyone can access the specs almost for free. Still, there’s just one
| platform (the iPhone) and, at this juncture, one mobile network (AT&T’s).

Apple: a world without choice. Even Microsoft offers more choice.


Hands On: Write applications for your Eee

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| For less than the cost of an iPhone, the Asus Eee PC gets you a highly
| portable computer that’s capable of most everyday tasks, including an office
| suite, internet, email and multimedia. Although Asus markets the Eee PC as an
| appliance, it’s a truly open device, which means you can write custom
| applications in the language of your choice. * *