IT giants in open source for competition, cash

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| Taking an audience question on how big software companies such as Microsoft
| and Oracle are viewing competition from open source, IBM’s Huizenga
| highlighted how all proprietary software companies are seeing more and more
| of their traditional revenue bases challenged by open source. This
| competition, highlighted in a recent study, comes with a growing audience of
| open source users, developers and yes, enterprises that do not pay anyone for
| any software, support or services, yet extend the reach of open source.
| Huizenga later highlighted the ongoing opportunity in open source software,
| referencing how IBM’s investements in Linux, far less than what would be
| invested in proprietary development, continue to pay off hansomely.

On Microsoft/Novell-type nonesense:

Dual-licensing with patents: It's bound to happen

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| The problem with this sort of distinction (which we and virtually every
| open-source company of which I'm familiar espouses, in terms of a "community"
| and "professional" version) is how easily patent protection could creep into
| the one but not the other. When the open-source world starts selling the same
| FUD that the proprietary world does we have lost.
| I care far less about hybrid models that depend on a mixture of proprietary
| extensions and an open-source core, as MySQL is contemplating, than I do
| about hybrid models that are a blend of "open source and very risky!"
| and "proprietary and oh so safe!". If we slip into this sort of a model, open
| source loses its potency. It loses its character. It loses its integrity.

Ozzie has just made it clear that intellectual monopolies are part of
Microsoft's perception of OSS. Greedy fools.


IBM Takes Stake in Open Source Database Vendor

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| For more than a decade, PostgreSQL has been a cornerstone of the open source
| database market. In recent years, EnterpriseDB has emerged as a leading
| vendor supporting and driving PostgreSQL forward.

IBM smacks rivals with 5.0GHz Power6 beast

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| The system will ship in May, running AIX or Linux.