Open source testing tools target varied tasks

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| Testing is an important function of the software development process, no
| matter how big or small the development project. But not every company or
| developer has access to professional testing tools, which can run into
| hundreds and even thousands of dollars. The good news is that they don't need
| them, thanks to the tons of freely available open source software testing
| tools.

Gifts of Open Source

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| The future of Open Source storage software looks even brighter, considering
| recent developments such as Sun's donation of OpenSolaris, along with a
| wealth of storage technologies, and the Aperi project, a heavyweight-backed
| effort to create an Open Source suite of storage management applications.
| Spearheaded by IBM, Aperi also has the support of other key storage vendors
| including Brocade, Cisco, Computer Associates, Emulex, Fujitsu, LSI Logic,
| NetApp, Novell, and YottaYotta.


Cleversafe commercializes open source storage

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| The Cleversafe project was launched on the campus of the Illinois Institute
| of Technology (IIT) as an open-source storage initiative with one goal:
| creating a "storage Internet." Fast forward two years and the technology has
| grown from an idea into a reality with the news that Cleversafe will soon
| make its open-source technology available as commercial products that will
| allow end users to build and manage their own Dispersed Storage Networks
| (dsNets). * * *
| [...]
| Cleversafe's commercial products will be available at the end of March. The
| company will also continue to offer its software for free under a General
| Public License (GPL) at *