Finally, Secure Real-Time on the Desktop

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| Finally, secure real-time scheduling on the Linux desktop can be become a
| reality. Linux 2.6.25 gained Real-Time Group Scheduling, a feature which
| allows to limit the amount of CPU time real-time processes and threads may
| consume.

This might lead to 'proprietary Linuxes' getting replaces by Free ones. Good
times for Linux.


Sweeping Changes in New Linux Kernel

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| "The rate of change is also higher than almost any previous kernel release as
| well, and I think more developers and more companies contributed than ever
| before," he told Kroah-Hartman recently co-authored a
| recent study that found nearly 1,000 developers are now working on the Linux
| kernel, representing over 100 corporations. * *


"Real-time" Linux supports popular PowerPC SoC

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| MontaVista has ported its newest "real-time" capable embedded Linux operating
| system to a PowerPC SoC (system-on-chip) targeting secure networking and *
| pervasive computing applications. MontaVista's Linux Professional Edition 5.0
| is claimed to offer the "first real-time Linux" for AMCC's 440EPx SoC. *

MontaVista to Provide Real-Time Linux on AMCC Power Architecture CPUs

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| MontaVista Software has said that the company is partnering with chip maker
| AMCC to provide design teams and developers planning projects on Power
| Architecture platforms

Concurrent Introduces Real-Time Linux Solution for Mission-Critical VME

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| At the heart of each iHawk solution is Concurrent's RedHawk Linux
| real-time operating system. Compatible with the popular Red Hat
| Linux distribution, RedHawk features high I/O throughput, fast
| response to external events and optimized interprocess communication.
| RedHawk is the ideal Linux environment for complex real-time
| applications.

Paper compares real-time Linux, traditional RTOS

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| A well-illustrated technical paper comparing RTLinux, RTAI, and
| VRTXsa has been published by two Italian computer science students.
| Emanuele Mattei and Andrea Ludiciani conclude that the RTOSes offer
| comparable predictability, while RTLinux is the least variable and
| RTAI the most efficient.