Government issues threat note on Windows, Apple Quicktime

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| The government has issued a high-security threat note against popular
| applications including Windows Vista, XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003,
| Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Project Microsoft Visio Internet Explorer and
| the Quicktime software from Apple as they have been found highly vulnerable
| to virus attacks.

The government should also warn its citizens about the lock-ins and the
software patents/license, not just the security which obscurity makes abysmal
(and unpatchable without the vendor). On the other hand:

New Inkscape 0.46 is good news

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| Version 0.46 of the open source vector graphics editor Inkscape is out,
| showcasing new tools, new effects, new filters, and a host of interface and
| speed improvements.
| [...]
| Believe it or not, the improvements and new features described above only
| account for a fraction of what's new in Inkscape 0.46. There is considerably
| more outlined in the official release notes that either I haven't had the
| time to test, haven't figured out how to test, or just ran out of space to
| talk about.


Inkscape 0.46 Released !

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| The sources were already available at for two weeks but now
| it is official: version 0.46 of Inkscape has been released.

Inkscape Drawing Program Brings Joy to Many

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| Inkscape is a free vector drawing program that brings joy and robust drawing
| tools to millions of people who could never afford Adobe Illustrator. You can
| use Inkscape for fun or for thousands of different practical purposes
| including designing your own business card, CD cover, advertising layout, and
| countless other tasks.

Inkscape Tutorial - The Sun

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| Half of the battle in graphic design is working smarter, not harder. I've
| done some tutorials for Gimp which push that tool to its limits, but too many
| folks focus on Gimp and forget that we have a whole arsenal of power graphics
| tools on the Linux desktop. Here is one image which would have been a pain to
| do in Gimp, but a snap in Inkscape.