Flickr Introduces Code.Flickr, Delivers APIs and Source Code

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| The announcement is part of an effort from Flickr in which it has been
| opening up over 10,000 lines of open source code in its public subversion
| repository, issued over 2,000 new API keys, and more.

Not complete though.

What to do when developers take code snippets with them

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| "To work with open source, you have to adhere to the letter and the spirit of
| the license," Golden says. Sure, that seems obvious, but MISI has to keep
| track of 60 or so open source products while being careful not to let
| unlicensed software slip into the code base. Unknown code also creates a
| support problem, Golden adds. After all, without knowing the provenance of
| the code, how can a support engineer identify and fix a problem?



Flickr upload tool turns 3.0, goes open-source

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| Open-source software may be freely modified, copied, and shared; opening
| source code could let programmers modify the Uploadr tool so it works on
| Linux or uploads to other photo-sharing sites, for example. *

The Linux way to Flickr

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| Flickr contains more than 15,000 pictures tagged with "Linux." Flickr
| can help introduce Free Software to non-geeks in a fun andn
| on-intimidating way ("See Mom? We're just like everybody else!").
| Many Flickr users have already done just that, showing off their
| FOSS-related talents in many fields.