SaaS is driving the world's 60 fastest-growing software companies, study finds

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| has ranked the top-60 fastest-growing (public) software companies
| of at least $150 million in revenue, with VMware leading the pack and Red Hat
| claiming 12th place with a 33.6 percent growth rate. Not bad for a company
| that gives away its software for free.

MuleSource announced that TM Software has joined the MuleSource Partner

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| Open Source SOA Software Company Partners with TM Software


ULCPCs: I'm Still Laughing At That One

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| Even HP’s promised new ultra-mobile will offer Linux variants. Asus rocked
| the non-Apple world with the Eee PC, and even though they are busy trying to
| launch more flavors of that little device than Baskin Robbins offers in ice
| cream, the big news is that consumers bought the original Linux version in
| numbers that changed the landscape. And then of course there is Apple, but I
| won’t repeat my well chronicled thoughts on that here. * *
| So, let’s get down to brass tacks here. This, as it always has been, is about
| marketing pure and simple. In the same way that McDonald’s isn’t about
| burgers, Microsoft isn’t about software and is quickly becoming less so as it
| tries to get bigger footholds in the advertising game. Mobile devices are
| coming but they will be the razor. The blades will be advertising that pops
| up on all those free Internet services. Until (and if) Microsoft gets a hold
| in the advertising game, they still need to sell software. Now the marketing
| shifts from creating and supporting a new life-style platform to a two-fold
| strategy that: * * * *
| * * * Attempts to get Microsoft software onto a class of devices that
| * * * Microsoft tried to create an environment for and failed to deliver on
| * * * and, *
| * * * Hyping price as the deciding factor.
| The thing is, it will probably succeed. With no thanks to Microsoft.