VMware Says Academic Program Attracting Schools, Releases Tools as Open Source

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| This news comes at VMware released most of its VMware Tools as open source.
| The tools are a suite of guest operating system virtualization components
| geared to improve Vmware virtual machine performance and management.
| VMware is aiming to ease Linux integration for its distribution partners with
| the open source tools by easing porting to new operating systems, increasing
| user involvement in test and development and fostering innovation. To that
| end, Linux vendors can now integrate open-source-based VMware Tools -- hosted
| at Sourceforce.net -- into future versions of their OSes.
| VMware is working with vendors such as Novell, Red Hat, and Ubuntu to
| integrate open-source VMware Tools into their operating system installation
| processes.


Virtual Servers, Real Vulnerabilities

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| VMware released a patch for the DHCP bug on Thursday, and the company's
| senior director of products Nand Mulchandani responds to Internet Security
| Systems' Friday post by pointing out that most of the security flaws apply
| only to a few of VMware's many products. The DHCP vulnerability, he said,
| only applied to four programs, all of which are hosted on Linux or Windows
| operating systems, not VMware's own ESX servers.



VMware opens the source code for VMware Tools

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| VMware's decision to open the source code is highly advantageous for the open
| source software community. Distributions will now be able to provide VMware
| Tools packages through standard package management systems, which means that
| users will no longer have to manually compile the kernel modules during
| installation.