Zmanda Named a "MySQL Partner of the Year"

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| Zmanda, Inc., the open source leader in backup and recovery software, today
| announced that it has been named a "MySQL Partner of the Year" by Sun
| Microsystems. "MySQL Partner of the Year" awards are given to MySQL partners
| that have demonstrated outstanding contributions to the MySQL ecosystem with
| products and services that deliver high value to MySQL users.

Atom Technologies Wins Red Hat Award

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| Red Hat is a provider of open source software and a major Linux distribution
| vendor.

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Red Hat’s right move

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| Red Hat isn’t going any further into the market for desktop Linux.
| Good. Right. No surprise. Excellent choice.
| But not for the reason supposed. Microsoft did not chase Red Hat out of
| desktop Linux.
| Ubuntu did.


Red Hat Announces the Second Annual Red Hat Innovation Awards

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| Innovation Award winners will be selected for their original approaches to
| improving processes, overcoming technology challenges and enhancing their
| bottom line with Red Hat solutions. *

Red Hat Named #1 IT Vendor To Do Business With By Customers In Japan

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| Conducted in April 2007, Nikkei Market Access' research surveyed nearly 800
| IT workers from major companies involved in info-com products throughout
| Japan regarding their views of service vendors and system integrators.
| Employees working in corporate information systems sections who maintain
| contact with the nominated vendors throughout the course of their duties were
| asked to respond regarding the products and services of the involved
| companies. The survey evaluated 44 nominated vendors chosen by respondents.
| The top three respective vendors include Red Hat Japan with 27.5 percent of
| responses, Apple Japan with 25.6 percent and Willcom with 23.0 percent. * * * *