Mac Clone Maker Psystar Also Offers Ubuntu, XP, And Vista

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| A Miami-based system integrator that's selling an unauthorized Mac clone also
| is offering the open source Ubuntu Linux desktop as an option on the system,
| as well as Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Days ago:

Psystar to Fight Apple OS X EULA

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| Psystar recently unveiled a $399 Mac Clone called the OpenMac, which has
| similar internal hardware as Apple's $2000 Mac Pro. The kicker is that the
| Psystar computer runs on the Mac OS X. Psystar is now in clear violation of
| Apple's EULA, which prohibits running the operating system on any piece of
| hardware without that little Apple logo. * *
| Now Psystar has come out of the gates swinging as it plans on fighting
| Apple's EULA by slinging around some antitrust law violations. One Psystar
| employee even said that Apple grossly overcharges for its hardware, stating
| the computers have a markup of 80 percent. * *