Open-source Flash rival "Gnashes" out

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| A non-profit open source project with high-profile backers has released beta
| code for an open source Flash media player, with a media server in the wings.
| Open Media Now's Gnash player runs standalone or as a plugin, and may run
| better than Flash on constrained devices.

WebKit rising

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| Once upon a time, there were no usable free web browsers for the Linux
| environment; the binary-only Netscape releases were all that was available to
| us. For many, the solution to the problem was to be found in the release of
| the Netscape source code; some years later, we got the Mozilla and Firefox
| browsers (based on the Gecko rendering engine) from this work. The KDE
| project, though, took a different route in the late 1990's, developing the
| KHTML renderer to use with the Konqueror application.
| [...]
| But it's worth remembering that WebKit, too, is a project developed by a
| company with its own objectives, few of which make any mention of turning
| 2009 into the real year of the Linux desktop. For now, though, WebKit has the
| look of a project with all the right attributes: real independence,
| merit-based access to the source repository, no requirement for copyright
| assignments, reasonable licensing, and the right goals. It may well be
| positioned to become a core component in the Linux desktop.


Creating rich Internet applications on Linux with WebKit

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| The open-source WebKit HTML rendering engine is rapidly gaining ground on the
| Linux platform where it is increasingly being adopted by conventional desktop
| applications for content display. Ongoing efforts to facilitate tighter
| WebKit integration are opening the door for developing rich Internet
| applications on Linux with the open-source GTK and Qt development toolkits. * *


Browser Wars - Reloaded

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| The dispute over WebKit and KHTML reached a new peak today. With Harri Porten
| yesterday a KHTML supporter already pubslished his position on the subject
| and today Zack Rusin, a WebKit supporter, answered.

Webkit vs. Mozilla: Should Firefox jump on the Webkit bandwagon?

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| As the Mozilla folks start making plans to plan for the Mozilla 2 codebase,
| Matt Gertner over at the AllPeers blog has a radical suggestion: Dump the
| Gecko rendering engine and embrace WebKit.