Vista Ultimate users will have to wait for “extras”

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| Tomorrow is the beginning of the fall and end of summer 2007. That means time
| is running out for Microsoft’s promise to release new extras to Vista
| Ultimate users.


The Death of Windows Vista Extras

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| The bottom line is that the Ultimate Extras team has gone underground.
| Microsoft cannot expect Ultimate users to survive on a preview of Windows
| DreamScene with an outdated Content Pack and two Windows Vista wallpapers.
| For $399, Microsoft has to cough up palpable results.
| But so far, all is dead on the Ultimate Extras front. Even the blog went
| quiet after mid March, and I have a feeling that silence from the Ultimate
| Extras team is not what Ultimate users want to "hear."

Nine burning questions about how Vista is really doing

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| Instead, there's so much spin -- from Microsoft, from rivals such
| as Apple Inc., from market analysts pushing research and more research
| -- it would even leave Sasha Cohen dizzy. Here's our attempt to unravel
| this puzzle-shrinkwrapped-in-a-mystery.