Curl Announces Support for Ubuntu for Enterprise RIA Platform

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| Curl(R), Inc. today announced it has released the availability of an Ubuntu
| Installer for the Curl Rich Internet Application (RIA) platform. Curl is a
| Rich Internet Application platform that competes with Adobe AIR/Flex,
| Silverlight, and Ajax. Curl has been shipping with Linux support for RedHat
| 9, SusE 9, and Turbolinux 10 and 11. Ubuntu is the latest Linux platform Curl
| 6.0 supports. Curl 6.0 also supports Microsoft Windows (XP, and Vista) as
| well as a beta version for Mac OS X (PowerPC and Intel).


Product review: Curl 6.0 enrichens the rich Internet toolkit

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| Since my review of Curl 5.0 last August, Curl won InfoWorld’s Technology of
| the Year award in the RIA category, Curl 6.0 was released, and Curl released *
| three open source projects: WSDK (Web Services Development Kit), CDK (Curl
| Data Kit), and CDU (Curl Development Utilities). Curl can do some impressive
| things with graphics for a RIA, as shown by this figure. *
| I applaud Curl’s open source initiatives, but I’ll concentrate here on
| reviewing the new features of Curl 6.0, which amount to a Macintosh port of
| the runtime, AJAX interoperability features, controls additions and
| improvements including easier customization, and graphics rendering
| improvements such as better antialiasing and smoother curves. * *


Enterprise Web App Platform Maker UnCurls Code

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| "The decision to release all of the Curl source code above the RTE was made
| to encourage broad adoption of Curl as a viable enterprise RIA platform and
| provide all of the components required to support development of Curl
| applications," Richard Treadway, vice president of product strategy for Curl,
| told LinuxInsider. * *

Rich Web technologies debated

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| With the proliferation of mobile devices however, HTML browsing will not be
| available on all these systems, and the iPhone does not have Flash and
| probably will not have Silverlight either, said Ferraiolo. AJAX, however, is
| always there and is open and can be counted on, he said. *