Disinfecting a virus-laden PC

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| One of my favorite tools, as you can see from previous columns, is Knoppix.
| The great thing about this Linux distribution is that you don't have to know
| anything about Linux in order to be able to use it. Download the latest copy
| of Knoppix and burn it to CD from another computer that is virus free to the
| best of your knowledge. Turn on the "infected" computer and open the CD-ROM
| drive as soon as you can. Depending on how quickly you can get this done, you
| may need to reboot the computer to get it to boot from the Knoppix CD.



Who needs Windows Vista when you can have Knoppix 5.1.1 Live DVD?

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| Well, in the first place there is no comparison between the two.
| In fact, there can't be any. Why? Simply because, Windows Vista
| is plain Operating system, with very little bundled apps. Whereas,
| Knoppix is complete Operating System bundled with hundreds of
| software that ranges from games to office!
| When you install Windows Vista (it requires whopping 6.7GB hard
| disk space at a bare minimum!), what you will get is - much hyped
| 3D aqua Desktop, a so-called secure operating system that bugs you
| to hell - by asking for every stupid task to Continue. In addition
| to that, It had about a dozen utilities such as paint, notepad,
| wordpad and a few games.