Falling in Love with the XO All Over Again

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| The social aspects of Sugar are what make the XO so fun and so compelling.
| You just don’t experience it with a few XO’s in one place. David Cavallo is
| right when he says that the key to OLPC is saturation and integrating it into
| the fabric of education.


Kiowa goes KDE!

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| Kiowa is going through various stages of development. The last release was a
| Gnome desktop environment that really booted fast and featured LinDVD and
| other goodies.



Continued Impressions of Ubuntu 7.10 on the EeePC

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| Someone asked me today how Ubuntu was working on the EeePC. *It’s working
| great! *I thought I might share some of my experiences so far, after a bit
| more use. *If you are interested in installing Ubuntu 7.10 on your EeePC head
| on over to the Ubuntu Community Wiki and find out how! *


[OLPC XO] Original UI , Unique Operation [Part 2]

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| In fact, the Sugar does not have a concept of files. As the PC is based on
| Linux, data are virtually located in files, of course. Nevertheless, the
| Sugar is basically designed to store every operation result as a "Journal." *
| In addition, we need to download screen data to edit such an article. The
| Sugar automatically downloads the whole screen if both Alt and "1" keys are
| pressed. The XO also automatically recognizes a USB memory device if it is
| inserted. Using these capabilities, we took out and used screen data for
| article editing. * *


First Look: OLPC's XO Laptop

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| Again, to compare the OLPC to today's notebook is missing the point of the
| XO. It's intended as a sturdy, self-contained introduction to technology (and
| to the Web) for children in developing nations. *They haven't played with
| Nintendo Wiis or an Apple Macintosh, much less a Windows or Linux system.
| Without the OLPC effort, they may not have a laptop at all--and this one at
| least provides a durable start. * *


Lessons to Learn from the OLPC

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| 1- Cheap is good
| 2- People don’t need a lot of power
| 3- Linux please
| 4- Flash storage is key
| 5- Make it efficient
| 6- Hand crank!
| 7- Don’t skimp on the features
| 8- Make it rugged
| 9- Make it look cool
| 10- It’s a tablet, too


One Laptop Per Child (New Version), Reviewed by 12-Year-Old

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| For a regular laptop, this would be the paragraph about its problems, its
| deficiencies. But the thing is, there aren’t any problems with this computer!
| Congratulations, OLPC. You’ve done it. Or will you come out with yet better
| laptops? Is that even possible? We’ll have to see...


(Video) OLPC Interface Walkthrough

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| Previously known as the $100 laptop, the OLPC boasts a 500mhz
| Processor, Linux OS, 1GB Memory, and a Two-Mode Display (Color and B&W).