Fonality: Open Source VoIP Meets Managed Services

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| At first glance, Fonality makes its living selling Asterisk-based telephony
| systems that run on Dell servers. But Lyman is quick to point out that
| Asterisk version 1.2 has about 195,000 lines of code. Fonality’s developers
| have written an additional 2 million lines of code in order to design a
| turnkey IP PBX for managed service providers and small businesses.

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The iPhone SDK and free software: not a match

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| The iPhone Developer Program establishes Apple as the sole provider of iPhone
| applications. You can choose not to charge for an app you author, but the
| iTunes Store is the only channel through which it can be delivered to end
| users and installed. Apple signs the apps it approves with a cryptographic
| key. Unsigned apps won't run on the iPhone.
| This condition conflicts with section 6 of the GPLv3, the
| so-called "anti-TiVoization" provision. In particular, it prohibits Apple
| from distributing a GPLv3-licensed iPhone application without supplying the
| signing keys necessary to make modified versions of the application run, too.

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Where are the Mac to Linux ports?

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| I'm not talking about Apple's own apps. Apple would surely like to pretend
| Linux doesn't exist. No, wait, scratch that. Apple DOES pretend Linux doesn't
| exist. And they have good reason to. Just like Microsoft, they don't want to
| offer aid and comfort to the enemy; and what with OS X being based on BSD,
| they probably think it would open the door to someone figuring out how to run
| Leopard's GUI on the Linux kernel. And they might be right. ¬* ¬*