Malicious Microprocessor Opens New Doors for Attack

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| To launch its attack, the team used a special programmable processor running
| the Linux operating system. The chip was programmed to inject malicious
| firmware into the chip's memory, which then allows an attacker to log into
| the machine as if he were a legitimate user. To reprogram the chip,
| researchers needed to alter only a tiny fraction of the processor circuits.
| They changed 1,341 logic gates on a chip that has more than 1 million of
| these gates in total, said Samuel King, an assistant professor in the
| university's computer science department.
| "This is like the ultimate back door," said King. "There were no software
| bugs exploited."

When "Intel" stands for "intelligence". Just a prophecy anyway. That's why
hardware ought to be open also. As more news shows, Linux is becoming quite
the de facto platform here. The embedded systems conference is all about

Aonix supports Wind River Linux

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| Aonix announces the release of PERC Ultra 5.1 with support for Wind River
| Linux. The characteristics of Java found in PERC Ultra to address the
| scalability, manageability, reliability, security, and performance needs of
| networking and telecommunications equipment providers are also addressed with
| the security enhanced and carrier grade Linux provided by Wind River making
| these products natural companions.


TechInsights and Timesys Announce Breakthrough in Linux Performance

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| TechInsights and Timesys Corporation announced today that they are jointly
| launching, a complete, secure development environment for
| conducting hardware and software evaluations over the web via a browser


Chip Design Flaw Could Subvert Encryption

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| Shamir said that if an intelligence organization discovered such a flaw,
| security software on a computer with a compromised chip could be "trivially
| broken with a single chosen message." The attacker would send a "poisoned"
| encrypted message to a protected computer, he wrote. It would then be
| possible to compute the value of the secret key used by the targeted system.
| Trouble with Design Secrets
| "Millions of PCs can be attacked simultaneously, without having to manipulate
| the operating environment of each one of them individually," Shamir wrote.