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>> Linux..... isn't that some kind of cheap lavatory tissue?
>> http://www.angelfire.com/psy/doctorbill/linux.jpg

> :-)

Here's Vista: :-)


Here's how Linux cleans Vista's plate:


RE: Windows Vista VS Linux
Ryan Hadley
February 24th, 2008

Itís been about 3 months since I wrote my first impressions of
Windows Vista (over here). I did not take the easy way out and
just bail out back to Linux. For the last 3 months Iíve continued
to try to live in VistaÖ And Iím sure Jack, who shares an office
with me, is getting quite tired of my complaints.

This isnít really a comparison again, but Iíd just like to share
how Iíve managed to make myself as comfortable as possible, and
my feelings on the switch after an entire 4 months. To summarize
my complaints from after one month:

* The UI is hard to customize. Specific UI complaints:
o I like to use alt+ left click to move windows
o I like to use alt+right click to resize windows
o I canít figure out how to set up simple keyboard
shortcuts to launch apps
o Itís what it is, and nothing more. Itís like having
to cut off a finger to fit in to a 4 fingered glove instead of
adding a finger to the glove so that the glove fits you.
* Drivers in windows vista are too difficult
o In Linux all my devices ďjust workedĒ.
o After a clean install of Vista, nothing works. You
then have to hunt down drivers.
o Driver updates from windows update made my laptop
less stable, not more stable
* Backwards compatibility
o Hardware: too old out of luck
o Software: What? I canít run old versions of
Microsfot SQL Server on Vista?
* Absolutely no package management
* My personal user experience
o Lack of good cmdline tools
o Lack of a good SSH Client
Another client who gave up Vista slopware.