Recon-X Adds Persistency to Hummingbird Exceed & ReflectionX

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| StarNet Communications of Sunnyvale, California, a leading developer of
| Windows-to-Linux/UNIX connectivity solutions, announced the release of
| Recon-X, a low-cost add-on product that vastly improves the functionality of
| Hummingbird Exceed and Attachmate’s ReflectionX, the two most widely used
| UNIX/Linux host access solutions deployed at large corporate enterprises.

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Anti-trust committee checks out Windows 7

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| A landmark US anti-trust case against Microsoft was settled under the consent
| decree in 2002 after it was found to have guarded its monopoly over its
| Windows operating system. ¬*
| The committee said it was now examining Windows 7 (code-named Blackcomb then
| Vienna) to see if the company has complied with the original settlement,
| which required that Microsoft make its products interoperable with those
| created by its competitors. ¬*
| [...]
| The "Vista Capable" labels row blew up in Microsoft's face last month. US
| judge Marsha Pechman gave consumers the go-ahead to file a class action
| lawsuit against Microsoft for providing misleading information about Windows
| XP computers being able to run Vista. ¬*