Eve Online Source Code Leaked

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| Full source code for the client for popular MMORPG Eve Online was made
| available recently via BitTorrent on The Pirate Bay. Along with the torrent,
| the user posts a chat transcript with a representative identified as
| [IA]Morpheus from Eve’s developer and publisher CCP. In the lengthy and
| scatological exchange, the poster of the source code attempts to get some
| answers about CCP’s much maligned security practices, particularly concerning
| the rife issue of bots and scripting in their flagship game. The
| conversation was a little less than professional.


Why even keep it secret in the first place? Open source encourages 'leaks' and
gets more customers. The above proves that their game is vulnerable too
(relying on obscurity).


EVE Online [now available for Linux]


EVE Online developers outline Mac conversion

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| EVE Online is distributed as a download available from the EVE Online Web
| site. It will be the same for Mac and Linux users. And Mac and Linux users
| will be able to play in the same persistent online universe—
| called “Tranquility”—as Windows users. That means that EVE Online players all
| participate in the same area, regardless of platform.


Volunteers Wanted

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| We are looking for some volunteers to help us with the testing of the new Mac
| and Linux Clients.


Eve Online for Mac and Linux operating systems

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| Today CCP Games and TransGaming Partner announce to Bring EVE Online to new
| platforms, being Linux and Mac. By the end of this year it should be possible
| to play Eve on a Mac, finally!
| On linux it was already possible through Cedega or a good configured WINE,
| but now nothing extra will be needed.


about the boot.ini issue

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| Shortly after releasing EVE Online: Trinity at 22:04 GMT on Wednesday, 5
| December, we started receiving reports that the Classic to Premium graphics
| content upgrade was causing problems to players by deleting the file C:
| \boot.ini, which is a Windows system startup file. In some cases the computer
| was not able to recover on the next startup and would not start until the
| file had been fixed. In this dev blog I want to tell you how this happened. * *
| In the weeks leading up to the release of Trinity, one of our concerns was
| how to deliver this update to our players in a very short amount of time and
| to players that might not all have a good internet connection. Significant
| effort was therefore put into making the Classic to Premium graphics content
| upgrade as small as possible at various stages in the process. * *