Linux, Unix more reliable than Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| The Yankee Group claims to poll about 700 users hailing from 27 different
| countries. Preliminary findings from the report are published by the
| Institute for advanced Professional Studoes, here.

“Analysts sell out - that’s their business model… But they are very concerned
that they never look like they are selling out, so that makes them very
prickly to work with.”

Microsoft, internal document

The Yankee group has been financially supported by Microsoft for ages. Like
Gartner, it seems unable to lie or master the black art of 'statistics' for
too long. Who will feed tomorrow's analysts? The Linux Foundation?


Laura [DiDio] and Me

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| Ah yes, the rules of corporate behavior. And how we all admire them.
| Obviously, the journalist doesn't realize that Shuttleworth was talking about
| free as in speech, not free as in beer. In fact, he used the word freedom,
| not free. But it whizzed right over her head. That is so basic, I will opine,
| with my feet up on the desk, that she hasn't a clue what FOSS is about and
| did not a minute's research on what freedom means in this quotation. * *

Laura Didio

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| An example of her opinion on how Open Source Software is handled shows
| in this remark (quoted from a phone interview from her home in
| Massachusetts): "The thing about Linux is, you can talk about a free,
| open operating system all you want, but you can't take that idea of free
| and open and put it into a capitalist system and maintain it as though
| it is some kind of hippie commune or ashram, because if you can do it
| like that, at that point I'm like, 'Pass the hookah please!'" [1]
| Even recently, after admitting that a SCO victory in their case against
| IBM seemed like an extreme longshot, Didio said, "There is a larger
| issue, though: Even if the SCO case gets dismissed entirely, it does
| not remove the copyright cloud hanging over Linux and open source." [2]
| [...]
| Unsurprisingly, Linux advocates have in response heavily criticised
| DiDio. Typical criticisms are a lack of formal Computer Science
| qualifications and promoting studies funded by Microsoft; frequently
| this has resulted in questioning of her integrity and her being
| characterised as "a Microsoft shill".