Sun: OpenSolaris Is Now on the Map

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| Question: Novell CEO Ron Hovsepian said in a Linux Foundation interview
| recently that Sun's Solaris and OpenSolaris aren't going anywhere. I would
| venture to say that you don't agree, but do you want to elaborate?
| Phipps: Well, as it stands, the very fact that the question was asked at all
| says that something has changed and that OpenSolaris is now on the map. The
| comments that Novell's executive made were very ill informed, as I recall...
| I remember when I read them that they seemed to be based on data that was
| five years old. It seems to me that Novell's shareholders ought to be worried
| that their chief executive isn't keeping up on the competition.

Sun touts big plans for OpenSolaris as first release nears

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| Sun's Ian Murdock gave a presentation about OpenSolaris at LugRadio Live this
| past weekend. He explained how OpenSolaris reflects Sun's changing platform
| strategy and also discussed some of the technical attributes that
| differentiate OpenSolaris from Linux.


Sun’s Phipps: Novell Has a Big Problem

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| To get Sun’s side, I talked to the company’s chief open source officer, Simon
| Phipps, on Wednesday. He certainly didn’t pull any punches. In response to
| Hovsepian’s suggestion that Sun’s open source strategy — balancing open
| source and commercial interests — isn’t right, Phipps says: *
| * * Novell’s got a big problem. What they’re doing is trying to sell open
| * * source software as if it was proprietary software. The comment that Mr.
| * * Hovsepian made seems to be projecting Novell’s malaise onto Sun, but we
| * * don’t have that malaise. We ship a completely free piece of software that *
| * * anyone can download and use without any restrictions. *