Low-cost Linux-based NAS device supports RAID 1

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| D-Link is shipping a two-bay, RAID 1-enabled networked attached storage (NAS)
| device that runs embedded Linux.



D-Link to market unlocked Linux mobile phone

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| D-Link will market an unlocked, dual-mode WiFi and GSM/GPRS phone,
| according to an online publication based in New Zealand. The "V-Click"
| phone appears to be a rebranded Linux- and Qtopia-based phone design
| created by Taiwanese ODM (original design manufacturer) Wistron
| NeWeb Corp. (WNC).


Live DVD with router development environment

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| D-Link is making a complete development environment for the VoIP
| router HorstBox Professional available. The DVD image contains as
| a live system a Kubuntu Linux with all the requisite tools and
| the source code.