Mickos, As New Sun Exec: Linux Will Stay In LAMP

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| "We are still committed," Mickos said. "If we are not committed, than any one
| of you can take the MySQL code and fork it to make a new MySQL product, which
| I am sure you would do" if Sun tried to converts LAMP to SAMP.
| Mickos was peppered with questions from the Linux crowd. "What is Sun's Linux
| strategy? What degree of freedom will the MySQL group have inside of Sun?"


MySQL: Sun acquisition will propel business

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| According to Stefonic, datawarehousing and Web 2.0 are currently two drivers
| for growth in the database market. "The reason why we see huge adoption in
| Web service (and e-commerce) companies, as opposed to banks and other
| traditional markets, is because these companies have new technologies in
| place; so it's a lot easier for them to adopt new technologies as well," he
| said.



Sun Microsystems' Next Linux Move

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| Rather, Sun is preparing to certify more of its servers for Canonical's
| Ubuntu Linux. The effort includes Sun's latest small and midsize business
| servers. In an interview with Reuters on April 2, Canonical CEO Mark
| Shuttleworth reinforced the growing relations between Sun and Ubuntu. *



Sun deploys Linux high performance cluster at Kuwait Oil Company

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| Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has deployed a Linux-based High Performance Cluster
| from Sun Microsystems to run its reservoir simulation software, increase its
| processing power, and enable the company to take critical business decisions
| faster than ever before. *


Sun's X64-Based Streaming Server Runs on Linux

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| The Linux used in the system is one that Kealia created for itself
| based on an undisclosed commercial distribution with some real-time
| hooks in it to boost the responsiveness of the system. Over the long
| haul, you can bet that Sun will port the Streaming System software
| to Solaris.