MyMiniPC, YourMiniPC, TheirMiniPC

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| It would be practically impossible to create these systems using anything
| other than free software. You might, after leaping through endless licensing
| hoops, be able to provide the same functionality, but you certainly couldn't
| get them to market in a timely fashion. For these kind of appliances, the
| biggest advantage is not so much cost as flexibility: as a developer and
| manufacturer, you can make it do anything you want, and as soon as you spot
| the opportunity.

This just comes to show that not only 'professionals'/'enthusiasts' may find
Linux suitable.


MySpace team battles spammers

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| Writers of malicious software used to count primarily on e-mail
| recipients to click on attachments to spread their wares.
| As e-mail recipients got more savvy, the writers started to automate
| the process by exploiting vulnerabilities in e-mail programs,
| browsers and the Windows operating system from Microsoft Corp.

MySpace again under phishing attack

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| Criminals have managed to install fake navigation bars on the top
| of user profile pages that, when clicked, lead to
| malicious computers that attempt to infect the victim's computer.