Making Interoperability Possible: An Interview with Likewise CEO

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| Likewise Open is also a great avenue for us to strengthen our partnerships
| with Red Hat, Novell, Ubuntu, and IBM. Both Red Hat and Ubuntu will ship
| Likewise Open in their next versions and we are working with others on the
| details for more announcements such as this.

Novell interviews him on 'interoperability'/taxoperability.


Likewise Open Spring ’08 is Live -- Authenticates All Linux, UNIX and Mac
Enterprise Platforms with Microsoft Active Directory

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| Next month Likewise Open will start being distributed through major Linux
| technology partners, including Novell (openSUSE), Red Hat (RHEL), and *
| Canonical (Ubuntu).

Likewise Software Announces Support for Asianux and Partnership with TOYO Corp

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| Under the terms of the partnership with Likewise Software, Toyo has been
| selling, installing, and providing technical support for the Likewise
| Software products in Japan since last year, while helping Likewise release
| Likewise Enterprise supporting Asianux.