andLinux: A Parallel Workstation

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| There are lots of solutions that enable you to work seamlessly on Windows and
| Linux both on the same machine. But with andLinux, things have gone a step
| forward

MokaFive and Desktop Virtualization

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| Enhanced security with BareMetalâ„¢: While the MokaFive solution is designed
| with security in mind, the company has created BareMetal for those with
| higher security demands. This customized Linux distribution runs on bare
| computer hardware without an underlying operating system, making it optimal
| for security-critical applications. As an added benefit, businesses save on
| licensing costs, since BareMetal is a Linux-based system.


VMworld a Launch Pad for Virtualization Wares

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| Virtualization start-up moka5 is unveiling a new version of its product, the
| moka5 Engine for Windows and Bare Metal, that lets users create virtual
| machines on their desktop computers. The moka5 Engine comes in two versions,
| as a Windows application or as an environment called Bare Metal. Bare Metal
| combines the LivePC application with a Linux operating system. Â* Â*