IBM's EnterpriseDB stake: not what you think

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| Ergo, this deal is IBM dipping its feet gingerly into a back door challenge
| to Oracle, not MySQL. Ever since IBM held back on its own SQL database
| invention, allowing Oracle to grab leadership of the market, it has always
| responded by making DB2 cheaper. But it still plays second banana. Investing
| a modest chunk in EnterpriseDB is a way of having somebody else test drive a
| new strategy for carving a wedge inside the Oracle market, something that IBM
| has hungered for going back at least 20 years.


IBM Takes Stake in Open Source Database Vendor

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| For more than a decade, PostgreSQL has been a cornerstone of the open source
| database market. In recent years, EnterpriseDB has emerged as a leading
| vendor supporting and driving PostgreSQL forward. Â*

IBM buys database software firm Solid Information

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| "IBM's acquisition of Solid Information Technology supports the company's
| growth strategy and capital allocation model, and it is expected to
| contribute to the achievement of the company's objective for
| earnings-per-share growth through 2010," IBM said in a statement.

MySQL in the firing line again as IBM snaps up SolidDB

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| The aqcuisition also has implications for MySQL given Solid’s development of
| the SolidDB for MySQL engine, an optional replacement for InnoDB (also of
| course acquired by Oracle).
| [...]
| Solid had planned to boost its support for MySQL in the new year following
| the release of MySQL 5.1. It will be interesting to see if IBM sticks to
| those plans, but given IBM’s support for multiple databases used against its
| hardware and software stack, it would not be at all surprising if it does.
| Let’s not forget that DB2 can also be used as a storage engine for MySQL on
| System i following the agreement struck between the two companies in April.

IBM, MySQL team up on database software

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| Executives at IBM, the world's No. 2 software maker, and MySQL told
| Reuters they will announce a technology and marketing partnership
| on Wednesday at a MySQL users' conference in Santa Clara, California.

Google offers its own changes to MySQL

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| Google long has been known to be a user of the open-source MySQL
| database software, but the search powerhouse this week published
| its own changes to the project.