dumbass@home wrote:

>> Even an MD5-boy Windroid like you should be able
>> to grasp that simple math.

>You haven't come up with a proof that the MD5 sum is safe with DVD sized
>files yet BTW.

Dumb****. It's already been explained to you that that cannot be
proven, because an attack is theoretically possible. It's been
explained to you that, while theoretically possible, an attack would
not be practical, due to the immense computing resources that would be

Are you too fscking retarded to understand the difference between
impossible and impractical, dumbass?

It also cannot be proven that it's not possible for someone to give
George W. Bush a wedgie, but I dare say that one would fail if one
tried. The obstacles are too great.

>Maybe you should brush up on your maths and check?

Maybe you should stop proving what a fscking idiot you are, dumbass.