Method and instrument for proposing marriage to an individual

,----[ Quote ]
| The purpose of this invention is to provide an improved method of proposing
| marriage to an individual. The method of proposing to an individual generally
| comprising the steps of meeting the individual; exchanging names with the
| individual; dating the individual (not necessary); drafting a government
| document having a proposal to marry the individual incorporated therein; and
| showing the government document to the individual. The government document
| may be a patent application. The patent application may claim the method by
| which the proposor will make a marriage proposal to the individual. The
| proposor could then use the method claimed in the patent application to
| propose to the individual. The patent application could be the actual
| marriage proposal.

Maybe ISO soon become a joke as big as the USPTO. Right after someone gets sued
moments after proposing marriage... (watch recent depictions below)


Patent police raid booths at CeBit trade show

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| The police didn't name which people or companies were targeted, but they did
| say the alleged patent violations deal with devices that have MP3, MP4, or
| digital video broadcast functions; DVD players; and blank CDs and DVDs. They
| managed to fill 68 boxes with gadgets, documents, and advertising material
| and took down the identities of nine people, most of whom were reportedly
| cooperative.
| The raid was a response to a rising number of "criminal complaints by the
| holders of patent rights in the run-up to CeBit," and the patent holders had
| warned the accused companies in "good time" about their lack of licenses,
| police said, according to the AP.

CeBIT 2008: Alleged patent troll Sisvel throws wrench in works of several
smartphone and digital media player makers over MP3 licensing

,----[ Quote ]
| Italy-based Sisvel S.p.a., holder of a somewhat controversial MP3 patent, has
| had the CeBIT 2008 booths of several Windows Mobile smartphone and digital
| media player makers shut down over allegations that the devices of the makers
| infringe on its patents.

Patent shields customer support from customers

,----[ Quote ]
| A US patent granted to SNAPin details a process for spotting when a user is
| trying to call support, and presenting them with a self-help package rather
| than connecting the call. *
| [...]
| The patent (US Patent number 7,353,016) isn't limited to displaying self-help
| support, and the possibilities are endless. Calls to companies could be
| redirected to their web pages, and calls to friends could load up their
| Facebook presence, avoiding that wasteful human interaction users seem so
| keen on. * *