Introducing KBlocks

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| Yesterday I finally managed to finish the features I have planned for
| KBlocks, and it is now living in kdereview. If everything goes as planned, it
| could be in kdegames for KDE 4.1.
| And I realized I have never blogged about KBlocks until today! KBlocks is a
| single player falling blocks puzzle game that I started in Glasgow, during
| last year's Akademy. One of the purposes of the game was to serve as a test
| ground for APIs and technologies introduced in libkdegames for KDE 4 and Qt4
| as well. It has been very useful as a test application, where I could
| experiment with different methods of doing animation in QGV,

Kicker’s hidden tweaks

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| KDE is one of the most popular and used desktop environments for Linux
| systems because not only that it looks very much like Microsoft Windows, but
| it combines ease of use, superb graphical design and new age functionality
| with high-end technologies of the Unix-based operating systems. Kicker is one
| of the core parts of the KDE desktop,


KDE-Made Educational Software for Kids and Adults

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| The KDE Education Project is developing high-quality software for the K
| Desktop Environment. Its primary focus is on schoolchildren aged 3 to 18, and
| the specialized user interface needs of young users. *

KDE 4: first hints of the kicker replacement

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| I’m looking forward to see the new working system bar - and I’m especially
| looking forward to the possibilities of dragging&dropping of Plasmoids
| between the desktop and the system bar. Also I do really hope that the new
| base for the system bar is now flexible enough so that other developers can
| develop their own in the future! * *


This Week's KDE Commit-Digest

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| First up Bluetooth support was added to the KDE Solid api stack, as
| well as KMobileTools being ported to KDE4. It was mentioned that
| "breadcrumb navigation widget from Dolphin is made more modular to
| allow use in other KDE contexts."