MS keeps admins busy with critical Vista patches

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| The critical updates cover a brace of bugs in Internet Explorer, a pair on
| Windows and one involving Office. All five might lend themselves to remote
| execution of malicious software on vulnerable clients.

In the mean time, Vista and Server 2008 can just sit down and pray they don't
get hijacked, waiting for patches that address **known** vulnerabilities (and
possibly will break the system, which is a monthly recurrence for Vista).


Microsoft Admits Vista Update Glitch

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| A patch to prepare for first service pack went to users of editions that
| didn't need the update.

Vistas first 2008 ‘reliability’ update blue screens

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| After my laptop installed the batch of updates released on the 9th of January
| my laptop began endlessly rebooting. It blue screens as soon as is starts to
| load Vista. To make things even better even safe mode does the same thing. *

Vista Update Craters Microsoft Word

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| Keeping your software up to date is very important from a security
| perspective, but when doing so blows away your productivity because of poor
| installation or compatibility quality issues, life is very painful. *
| Microsoft. You get a grade of F for this round of patches.

Patch Tuesday brings quiet though serious start to 2008

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| Microsoft wasn't joking when it classified as critical one of the
| vulnerabilities addressed by this month's security updates. A flaw in TCP/IP
| processing can be exploited by sending maliciously crafted packets, giving
| the attacker complete control of the targeted system. *

2008 kicks off with critical Vista/XP patch

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| Microsoft's first set of security bulletins for 2008 may be slim, but will
| include a fix for a critical vulnerability in XP and Vista.